I need help on a new map

Do you have any ideas On making a hide and seek map please give as much advice and tips and tutorial :slight_smile:

What part of your map do you need help with?

I havent started yet but how do i make that you know you tag someone etc and ideas flr hiding

for tagging you use a tagging device
As for hiding you should make different places in your map such as an arcade, basketball court, etc.

you should also make seekers faster than hiders for more hiding focused games and not just one sided tag

Hoe do i make the seekers faster and to also allow the hiders to buy speed upgrades??

connect a lifecycle for game start to a relay for all players on team 1. the relay goes to a speed modifier.

you can make a speed upgrade and in the vending machine options, in availability, you can make only team 2 allowed to buy it.

@bushenberg Thanks that will be alot oh help :slight_smile: