I need help on a end of game widget

So I’m making a mining game again and I have end of game widgets to show how much iron gold diamonds and yeah I made but when I get a diamond it shows that I have iron when I don’t
I got a diamond in my inventory

and this shows
Screenshot 2023-12-30 12.46.45 PM
here’s a pic of my wiring just simple

Are the IIM’s updating their corresponding properties?

Use an inventory item manager that will count how many of each thing. Then, put it in a property. After that, put the property in an end of game widget

That’s what I already have look at the pics

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Yes, the inventory item manager is updating the properties

The properties are set to number properties right?

Maybe you didn’t get diamond property but you got the blue seed

Yes they are number properties

I figured it out
thanks for suggesting things:)

Please don’t mark the solution as your own as many people have helped you figure it out.

ok but how do I unsolve and who do I mark solution?

Just click on the solution that you already marked to undo.

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