I need help naming my game pls

It is a platformer where there is a spaceship has a magnet on it and you climb to deactivate the magnet then you climb down.

DONT SELL! that’s the name

Um what the is that name the game it does not have selling in it

InterGim: The Repair

(like you know, repairing the spaceship?)

DONT SLIP? maybe not

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yeah… you should go for the spaceship theme more ig

Umm after that it blows the spaceship so no but great idea!

wait, so removing the magnet explodes the ship?

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heres one:
sucked into space

Late response:
Polarity’s Climb

Try something with vortex because the spaceship is vortex

Gimship, the quest, that should be the name

Maybe not the quest but try something with gimship


Magnetic repair

an awesome space parkour

also lol today i have seen like 10 pfps that are just a green g lol.

That sounds good ngl

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I can brainstorm some more soon but gtg soon going home…if you want me to keep doing it, ping me when i have stopped responding for 5 mins straight, so i remember when i get back on.

Intergalactic Shut-Down


ok, wait, that sounds SUPER COOL!

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Gimnetic parkour
more to come