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Anyway, I have a very very hard decision to make, so I’m going to share it with the community. Should I continue with my current plans to create Double Trouble, or should I make my game centered on one topic, the fishing battle game? In my game, I felt like I was putting too much work into one area, the fishing battle. Now, I’m thinking if I should just have that part, as it seemed very, uh, “different” compared to my original plans for it. If I center it on just the fishing battle, I could retain a lot of my memory percentage back, but I would have to delete a lot of hard work (either way, I’ll keep the lobby). What should I do? If you want to see the map, I added screenshots below.

Screenshots Here

The first part of the game (Not the fishing battle.):

I would have to delete all of that.

The fishing battle (All done today, in about 6 hours straight. I haven't added props yet.):

(thanks Blizzy for the special upgrades!)

These last two have *quite* a few more devices than the other screenshots. Let me tell you, all those items granters are there for a reason.

Some nerdy notes to consider

And if you’re wondering, which you’re probably not, those items granters add up to over 100, not including the ones in the first parts. And every single one of them broadcast on a different channel, which means I had to go through every single one of them and change each of them. Yes, I have hundreds of channels going. I am very grateful for not even trying to use wires.

Right now, I’m leaning towards the fishing battle side. What about you?

(and of course I forgot to add a poll)

What should I do?
  • Keep everything and finish Double Trouble!
  • Delete the excess and build Fishing Frenzy!
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By the way, welcome to the forum, @SamuelPlaysGames! I hope you like it here!


What is Double Trouble @wingwave?

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It’s a game where two teams compete in a series of challenges/games/activities. Whenever one wins one, they earn a point. To me, it seems like the Fishing Frenzy part was too much compared to the rest.

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Alright, looks like I’m going to keep everything and finish Double Trouble! Thanks for the help, everyone!

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