I need help making project playtime game

how to make a project playtime game

Can you please include what that is? (People might not know)

Just use relays and pop ups and lots of animation… make puzzles… use zones to make it so you die… jump scares… and just recreating the game, it’s not too hard, you just gotta put effort and time into it.

a Free-to-Play multiplayer horror game where six players attempt to create one giant toy while surviving a terrifying monster that roams the toy factory

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Yeah. So just recreate the game with pop ups and stuff, animation, zones, and do the puzzles and stuff. For the hand thingys, just add button range farther or game overlays to do it.

Jumpscares will be a little hard, but when I have the time, I can think of something.

Not really, you can teleport them to somewhere, show a screen, teleport em back. You just gotta make it scary.

Not sure if this is good for a jump scare


looks scary

Would use that. 10/10 what the heck is that moment

@Txme_Lxss - I think this is a bit better

I like the other one in my opinion. Something scary is that it closely resembles a human, but not exactly. Making something feel off. that’s an actual thing btw.

Imagine you add a single dot in where I think their eyes are in the first picture.

Now that’s a good jumpscare.

Okay I think we can agree this is much better

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A hear this sufficient enough to reduce spam. But uh… what is that… (in a scary, good way.)

i’ll name him joe

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General setup should look like this

Final Product
Animated GIF

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i meant more on tasks

i finished game so im done

what is the name.

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