I need help making it when a block of dynamic ruby is placed, it triggers something to happen

I would like it when a player places a piece of dynamic ruby, it activates a button for the players to interact with.

I don’t think this is possible because dynamic ruby technically counts as terrain and you can’t activate buttons with terrain.

I would say use block and wires but what do I know:/

but yea , don’t think that’s possible

Just checked, and it’s not possible.

Ok, thanks for checking!

make a solution so you don’t get people to still try to help

Well actually you could have a checker to see if you have 1 less than the amount of dynamic ruby you have, and when it succeeds make it trigger something.


Yeah I don’t know if possible, but you could make it somethings else with prop destroyed put something in inventory, and can place in certain areas which broadcasts something.

does the ruby need to be placed in a specific place?

@skib_02 does is it any place for the ruby to be placed?

if you want to you can make a hidden button that says place ruby and use a checker to check if they have any then you make a ruby prop to show up and you make the button work.

Maybe detect when the number dynamic ruby in the inventory decreases and deactivate dropping items?