I need help making a timeline of Crafter lore for my game. Can you help?

Can anyone help me create a timeline of events in the GK lore world involving the Crafter? I need it for my game, which features a TON of Crafter-based lore.

ok so if i remember right:

  1. the crafter and vesper talk to each other on a multi-dimensional thing
  2. the crafter leaves a message to vesper in the area where snowy survival is
  3. the crafter also leaves a message on the alphastar, hinting that they made it with others
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oh wait there’s some here:

the theories section is very informational, but isn’t confirmed

note: lore page is better

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oh, a game??? i like games :slight_smile:

sure!! i love discussing lore and stuff!! (i even have my own GK fanfic that i’m writing rn lol)

but can u tell me what ur game is about and what ur goal is? do you want it to have a comprehensive and complete timeline, or do you want to just focus on some important events?

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Ok… I think that’s it. What do you think of some notes I wrote in my game explaining what happened between those events?


The important events. Give me 1 sec to write up a summary. :thinking:

hmmm, he only talks to vesper. this is why when they realize you aren’t vesper, he breaks off contact forever. also, he talks in an alternate dimension so he wouldn’t know about raveena, let alone talk to her

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Yes, but there’s nothing that says he was always in an alternate dimension. In my game, I’m saying that he owned a castle before he went on the Alphastar and went to the world from Snowy Survival.

@gimcraftor, here’s a description of my game:

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oh wow that looks like a pretty neat game ngl, so he had a castle before going to the alphastar? hm, that’s pretty interesting, i haven’t considered that possibility. is there a reason why you want him to have been at a castle before going to the alphastar? i love hearing people’s thought behind their lore decisions:)

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I chose a castle because doing so lets it fit more into the world I set it on (planet Dethor), while also including a lot of the Crafter’s lore.

What do you think of my choice to make the Crafter have the ability of Foresight, @gimcraftor?

hmmm, so basically your crafter can see the future? honestly, thats pretty interesting tbh. i personally like it when people are creative and come up with new ideas. and if ur crafter having foresight is relevant to the story of ur game, then thats nice too!! so what kind of impact does this foresight ability have on your crafter, or on the plot of your game?

It’s really just there so that you feel really surprised by this

image. It makes you feel special. Does that make sense?

oooh so, basically, the crafter knows the events before they happen, but chooses not to spoil it too much right? so that players stay surprised and have a new experience every time. yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense lmao its honestly a pretty neat way of creating surprise, i like it. and it makes the crafter’s character (and ur game as a whole) feel more mysterious and unknown, which makes it more interesting!

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Yeah. Should I add one message that shows up as different each time? :thinking:

oh yeah for sure. you could have the crafter drop hints or clues about the future at random intervals, just to add some more suspense. alternatively, you could have the crafter outright make some vague comments, but never actually explain what he’s talking about. either way, i think it’ll add a lot to ur game :slight_smile:

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Ok. I’ll play around with it.

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you know why the crafter had to contact vesper? they were in different dimensions. this is why it’s called cross-dimensional communication, so it kinda says that they’re stuck in their own places

but you do you, it’s your game

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@eiqcrmeliutgwhc, do you know how I can get in touch with MathThrive?

i think discord.

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