I need help making a team v team battle game

Im new to Gimkit creative, and using it for a school assignment. Ill list some issues ive been having and hope yall can help.
First, I cant tell if its even making the teams. If i try to make teleporters designated to one team, you cant use any of them.
Similar to the tag game mode, im trying to make designated team “zones” where only one team can enter and it just acts as a barrier for the other team.
Also, if im able to make a questioner that appears in the corner of everyones screen to earn energy, that would be great. I know how to link the regular questioner to getting energy, just not having it directly on your UI.
This part IS NOT necessary, but I would like to have it. Ive been trying to make a pregame lobby, but I cannot figure it out. Also, I would like to note im not even able to make a “pregame” time period. Ive been trying to make it so when you spawn, you get assigned to a team, then in the lobby theres teleporters to go to your team area. However, the teleporters, team assignment t, etc, all dont work.
If anyone can give me specific help or direct me to video tutorials, that would be great. All help is welcome.

In settings, you need to set it to a team game, this is probably why.

For the questioner, you can use a game overlay device and connect it to a questioner.

Thank you for the tip on the questioner.

As for the teams, i do have it set as such, thats why im so confused.

In order to have the Questioner on your UI, place a Game Overlay device and select “Button” in “Overlay type.” Connect the Overlay to the Questioner. (The setting should be “Button Pressed”> “Open question answering screen”)

To make a pregame lobby, you first have to adjust the settings on your Spawnpad. Set “Use during phase” to “Game.” Then, place another Spawnpad and change its setting to “Pre-game.”

I hope this was helpful. There are also a lot of guides here that are very helpful, so I recommend you check them out. Welcome to Gimkit Creative!
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