I need help making a team that only player with a specific name get put on to

So I’m making a capture the flag esc game mode but had the idea for a team that would only be accessible to players with specific names(Kinda like an easter egg)
Any help is appreciated thank you

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Welcome @Billybanana !! I don’t think you can currently make a team that is only accesible to certain named players, but who knows? Maybe some of the block code experts can help you on this one.

Yeah I dont think Its possible yet

Thank you for your help

If you want to keep this up for people to try to come up with an answer, feel free to do so. But if not, be sure to mark a solution!

I am going to wait a little longer but will be sure to mark it in a while


It’s possible actually. Connect a lifecycle set to game start to a relay set to all players. Connect the relay to a trigger. I can’t access gimkit rn, so maybe someone else can get you a picture for this if you are confused. In the trigger make the block code,

(If → ((Triggering player name) = (insert the player’s name in a text box),
Do → (Broadcast message on channel) → (insert the name of a channel that triggers a team switcher))


Also, welcome to the forum! Note that almost everything in gimkit is possible, so I recommend you wait a while longer before marking a solution.

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I’ve done that but I cant get multiple names to work only 1

Maybe do multiple of them, like several copies. Idk if that will work bc im not good at blocks

That would not work either it seems like you can only use a certain trigger code once

Hmmmm maybe slightly alter the code every time? Idk. Or just make it so only one person with that name can enter

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Thats what I’ve been trying but i cant exactly get it to work

Yep that should work @Billybanana

That might just work than you so much

Welcome to the community @Billybanana!

So I tried this and its still only changing one players team/location

Okay wait how many players do you want it to change?

Might gotta wait for new updates idk