I need help making a system where you can upgrade your weapon for a certain amount of points

I am making a Call of Duty Zombies Inspired gamemode/game and I need to make a system where if you have a certain amount of an item and press an interact button it will upgrade your weapon to a legendary or something, but the upgrade will only last for a certain amount of time, Can anybody help

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Check this out:

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Ok. So first we need something that can take the points away. A vending machine does that. Now we need something that upgrades your weapon. To do that, you make it first broadcast to an item granter granting -1 of the original gun and then to a different item granter granting the upgraded gun. Now we need the timing part. Make a trigger with the delay (amount of time with the rarity) you want. This trigger should go to an item granter that grants -1 of the upgraded gun and the original gun back.


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