I need help making a following limited fov

Is there a way to make a light source follow the character in a darkend room, similarly to how it works in among us when lights are sabatoged? Thanks for all help and advice.

No way to do it with a device

I think you would need Coordinate Systems for that

it is possible. just would take a lot of brute force and time and it wouldn’t be worth it.
instead of limited fov just make it so that its really dark.

Combine that with this

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there isnt a way i know of, but you can use the camera to set the camera to a smaller view

This would take a lot of memory. You would need to have an entire coordinate system that tracks the player.

This is why we need a move device like in geometry dash and yes I add this to

So yeah

You would need black barriers on top of every square, and if the Gim is in that square, then hide the barrier.

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