I need help making a decision

So I’ve been procrastinating whether I should finish my car ride map, or create a new one entirely. Or if I should delete the cart ride map, and create a new one.

It’s your choice, and you’ve guys been really helpful regarding my other topic. So I’d really hate to delete it, but again it’s your choice, so here’s a poll.

Choose one
  • Finish the cart ride
  • Create a new map, then finish the cart ride
  • Kill the cart ride, and create a new one entirely
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I’ll still work on the cart ride map, if the first two are selected, but if you want to kill it, then that’s fine.

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Finish your current map first, it’ll give you confidence to finish your next one. -ClicClac
(Wish I could say this about my maps…)


Thank you @Haiasi!!!

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Honestly. I have several maps that I work on at once.


I feel like that was paraphrased, but it still holds true.


If you have decided, remember to mark a solution!

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