I need help making a battle royal game

Any tips or things I should add will be helpful

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This post has a lot of things to add to a battle royal!

do you mean, 1.scenery wise, 2.devices/wires/channels wise,3. ideas-what-to-put-in wise?
i can only help with no1 and 3

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1 and 3 would be helpful

ok what is you background terrain?
what kind of thing were you imagining when you started making this game?

Like Snowy Survival with different biomes

name you got already?

add like maybe a part where you have to get out really speedy, cos your health detoriates from hypothermia

The Dropzone is the name

how would I make the health go down though

Yeah, the different biomes could have different perks or weapons.

what has drop got to do with it?
maybe if its snowy, do a part where they find a spade and look in the snow for stuff they need to proceed

Like you jump from a plane

different biomes could also be harder as you go along, the temp could be worse as you go along, affecting your health?
and every 5 min or so, you have to find a radiator or something to keep warm

do you jump off a plane at the beginning?
or you could do a fight to get to the airport? and you finish with ‘board plane’
kinda like one way out

THe game is going to be like Fortnite

i dunno what that is… sorry
background info?

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Fortnite is basically a battle royal game where you search the map finding different weapons of different rarities and kill other players along the way. There is a barrier called the storm that gets closer every so often and damages you slowly. Last one alive wins.

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i made a battle pass to unlock an area and items

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