I need help making a 4 team survival map for people to fight

I need help building this survival map, i will send screenshots when i can, but for right now i just need some ideas

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Welcome @Ninja_Gecko7!
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Welcome @Ninja_Gecko7!
Is there any lore?

You beat me to the question, is there any lore? I can do a poem for the easter egg if you want.

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not right now, i will add some in a later update, but for right not nothing

thanks for telling me, i just joined

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Hmm. Maybe make the map based on 4 seasons?

got it, i will send you the easter egg when i make one

coincidentally that's exactly what i did

Hehe! Maybe make a popup shop with speed upgrades and new weapons!

Maybe make it so you can buy and place traps.

Good ideas, i will consider them, it will probably be added soon.

i made a wandering trader