I need help knowing if my thumbnail for my game would not break the guidelines :(

Can anyone tell me if this thumbnail is breaking community guidelines because i am not really sure. :frowning:

Here is the image:

Since it uses Gimkit’s art (One Way Out), it does break the guidelines.

Does that mean that I can’t use gim character in my thumbnail too? Welp guess like i have to make a new one.

Using Gims in a thumbnail is fine. The only thing that is breaking the guidelines for this thumbnail is the fact that you’re using Gimkit’s art for One Way Out.

you can use gims in your art tho

Wait but a couple games on the community picks also use it

Yeah, everythings fine with it except for the copying part

Well, it’s not supposed to happen.

Never knew that

What games in Community Picks uses Gimkit’s art though? Give a screenshot for example.

Among us uses it

True i found like 50 of different games using thumbnails from gimkit But they been there for a very very long time.

I don’t know if they go under fair use or copyright?

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