I need help having a notification pop up on everyone screen when they press a button

how do you also make someone name pop up / a players username on everypnes screen

you just have to do it

@WolfTechnology mabey he knows idk

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you place a button and a popup. have the pop up set to global and write your message. Then wire the button to the popup.

when pressed activate popup.

Go into the blocks of the notification. Do wire pulse.
Screenshot 2024-04-25 10.13.48 AM

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do you connect the notification to a button with those blocks on the notification then?

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that is in the blocks on the popup. its part of the popup device.

Wait, I thought you didn’t have to use blocks for the popup

you don’t but to show a player name you do.

oh, thank you . now I know:0

I mean the popup.

your confussing me. can you elaborate?

Oh wait, Im an ________. I misread you guys are right

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I thought it meant a popup that shows for everyone. Not player name pops up with everyone

ok I’m *umb, but, when a player presses a button, a notification pops up on everyone’s screen, and say I gave the player money for pressing the button, it would say on everyone screen that the players name has won the lottery or something like that

it will for the person how pressed the button.

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so just copy the picture up top of the page and add what I want to it?

pretty much, yep. :+1:

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ok thank you, I will use that:)