I need help getting ideas for my new map

I need some ideas for game modes in my map but they can’t be any of these
Capture the flag
boss fight
ancient ruins
hide and seek
escape room
a shop
a sell station
secret missions
a bank
or a Hall of Fame

Why did you make a new topic if you already deleted tried to delete the other one?

It’s because no one was replying and it got covered up by a bunch of the other things that people posted

You have to be patient. You made the posts 4 minutes apart. You should wait at least an hour before you make a new post about the same topic, assuming it’s a very urgent matter.

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I don’t have much time to be patient

If you want a challenge make a box fight with superpower or a Pokémon map

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That’s a good idea i might use that

Anyhow, check the ideas catalog tag next time.


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Thank you for this i might use some of these ideas

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