I need help for my battle royale game

I have tried SO many times to get this one mechanic to work. I’m trying to make the game end when one player is left, and make sure that the players are in the places that they got knocked out in. For example, the first player that gets knocked out is in last place. I have tried so many different guides on this, including CringeKarlScotts’.

For the second one, make a seconds survived system like this:

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Also, welcome to the community! This manatee is happy to have you here.

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Well, thank you for the welcome. But, I don’t want it to start right away, because my game has some abilities you can pick first and 3 different maps to choose from, and I don’t really want the players’ inventories clogged up with bananas. I mean, maybe a combination of CringeKarlScotts’ guide and a live player counter would work, but I don’t know how to do that.

I don’t know if this would work but have the first person out click a counter and you would have to read it backwards. sorry if its too complicated

Welcome to the community @MONKE & @Zephwing27

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What’s that? Is it like making Pokemon in Gimkit or something?

no, people just make up different things fiery orginization of phoenixs something by ThatGim

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Oh. Do you happen do know anything about this? Because in my testing, first place and second place get swapped for some reason and I dont know how to fix it.

Why did you put my thing as the solution

put mirmir’s or something if it solved your issue

Was an accident idk how to use this stuff yet

Anyways I can give you the code if you want a more visual representation

Ok i got it to work thanks everybody

yk i should make a guide about this so no one else has problems with this

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