I need help finding my game on discovery

I made a map thats basicaly a medieval battle. It isnt showing on the discovery page even though I bought the season pass and published it. The name is “Medieval Battle”
Screenshot 2024-03-08 5.07.31 PM

You need to search up words in your description

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what did you put for the description is what you should search

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how are people already typing

We fast typers


the forum is kinda crazy around this time

And since no one is posting help topics this was the most recent one…


its not showing the map

whatever you put in the description you have to search

i did search whats in the description

how long ago did you publish it

yesterday around 4 pm

Did you check the rules for publishing? If it was a long time ago… it might’ve gotten removed if it had inappropriate stuff. But if it’s recent, keep on refreshing.

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it didnt have anything innapropiate

If you want, try to email: hello@gimkit.com

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you had to type a description you need to know what it is to find the game

there are more rules than whether or not it is inappropriate
please read: Community Rules for Publishing with Gimkit Creative

what’s the description?

I read them and i follow them unless they consider snowball launchers “Harmful” somehow