I need help finding a way to block a player but not projectiles or ball

I need help finding a way to block the player from crossing to the other player’s side but I want the projectiles and the ball to cross to the other side.

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Barriers might work but they might block projectiles, I would have to check.
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@L3G3ND the only thing I can think of that would not allow players in but all balls to come through would be a flag.

thanks, I might see if that works, @Claire_B

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if you have it use the safe zone
and then use set the flag-protecting team to the team not allowed in the area and place it in that area
it should work but there will be a flag randomly placed on your map…

how about putting lasers in the middle

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make them damage instakill

that would kill the player but would still work if the flag idea doesn’t work for L3g3nd then he should try that

he wants it so players can’t cross

I don’t think I want to kill them, but I hope what @Claire_B replied will work

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flags are not the most precise thing to use though, it would make a uneven wall

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@L3G3ND How to make walls of water you can shoot projectiles through! [🟩]
Just modify it so it suits your needs

flags make a circle and lasers are straight

True but L3G3ND wants them to be able to shoot the ball into that area without killing them or allowing them into that area so if you have a better idea that suits that then go ahead :smiley:

I am going to go on my map and screenshot a few things

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I will try to test out a few of these ideas to see if they work

Okay and if you find a reply that helps you mark it as the solution so that we don’t cause off-topic reply’s
Screenshot 2024-03-11 2.48.05 PMScreenshot 2024-03-11 2.48.11 PM

@Claire_B I tried to do the flag thing but the ball couldn’t pass through it either

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hey! connect a zone to a teleporter and then make it to where the teleporter teleports when the players walk the line

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