I need help coding a complex map

Picture this: A person is in a time loop. Everything they do during the day changes things that they will see when the time loop repeats. The more they change, the closer they are to escaping the time loop.
Now, How do I make it to where when a player reaches a certain point, it resets everything and puts them back in where they started when the game started, except a few chosen things have changed?

You could just activate and deactivate things…

Yeah but I want everything to reset

there will be properties and possibly a time limit that will be reset, but not to where it ends the game.

That’s why I need help.

It will also reset everything else except a few chosen things

and the player will have to interact to change those few chosen things.

Properties, a time limit, the players position, and all the destroyed props will have to be reset, EXCEPT for a few chosen items that will stay the same.

Ahhh…make it transmit on channels at the end of day to alternate between
property one
Property two?

Will stay the same throughout the loop

No, I want it to keep one property and then reset the other

Well you can have a LOT of properties then…

well you do not exactly would need code for this its just barriers and disappearing props

What is the set-up because without knowing what the map looks like and stuff I can’t help.

Let me develop the map a bit more and then I’ll provide a link to it so you know what I’m trying to do.