I need help by making sure only one player gets the trigger

My game has a chest you unlock with a certain item which you get from the trigger so i need to make sure the player only steps on 1 trigger not 2 because then he can unlock 2 chests instead of just unlocking one (BTW my game if ffa)

Can you guys help me pls

You should be able to change the scope of the trigger to where it only activates for 1 team, or you can use a property and a checker to make it only trigger once for any team.

Make one chest unable to be opened until the first one has been opened

Make it where when trigger step on send a channel and when receive channel deactivate so nobody else can step on it.

But it is a free for all


It wont work because then u can just step on all the triggers

Wdym? You’re not rly making sense ngl.

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