I need help, again!

I need help for another game idea, or art idea. I don’t know what to do, I just want something unique. My brainstorming isn’t the best, so that’s why I came to the community!

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you could make a castle (art)

or as pixel art, minecraft stuff

Thanks for your idea! That’s a good idea, I’ll just wait for a few more replies to see what other people have to say before marking a solution.

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Just look in the ideas tag


I said something more unique, something that’s hasn’t been done. My reasoning is so that I can bring out my full potential in GKC.

Something like a sports game?

ahh, well maybe try remaking a favorite game, or combining two. Right now i am making a Mafia/One Night Werewolf recreation

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@The_7th_Dragon wow good idea I love Werewolf

What’s that?

Which one? There are tons of sports in the world. The only one I see that is realistic might be bowling.

Bowling’s a good idea. Maybe something like tennis or hockey, or even soccer for more players?

Maybe remake Snowbrawl?

Why don’t you make archery in Gimkit?

I like that idea. You would probably use small props and gadgets for that.

As well as large amounts of animation. You could combine that with a castle, maybe to stop advancing waves of sentries. A defense game.

I was thinking more along the lines of having to hit props or barriers from extremely far away with a quantum portal, under a time limit. No castle, but it would be fun without it.

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someone should make an ultimate guide on coming up with ideas for guides lol

i would but i’m working on a really epic guide rn

One Night Ultimate Werewolf | Board Game | BoardGameGeek It is a game

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I was thinking soccer

How would I do it though?