I need help again with my relays. SOLVED

So I wanted to have a overlay button that only one team can see but my relays won’t work and every team sees it. If you can help I will be gratefull.

Get your game overlay and make sure it is not visible on game start.
Place a relay and the relaying team is the team you want to see the relay.
Place a lifecycle (gane start)
Event Occurs > Trigger Relay
Relay Triggered > Show overlay

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Also, make sure to set the visibility scope to player in the popup. Scope is very VERY
important in games.
Summed up, scope is basically “who does this apply to when _ occurs.

Beginner guide to scope:

(made by me)

Advanced guide to scope:

(credit to @getrithekd! :slight_smile:)


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You can use set the button scope to team, make it off by default, and link a lifecycle to a relay to that specific team the activates the button


Thank you! That worked!

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