I need help again with my gimkit devices

hey again i need help again i can’t seem to make my button cost cash in order to deactivate a barrier i tried making it say that “get rid of barrier 10000”
didn’t work it just be free i tried doing the vending machine but players would just press the button instead do you guys got any ideas?

Screenshot 2023-09-08 9.55.59 AM

You should be able to use cash so when the player has 10k cash and the button is clicked the cash should be taken from the player and the barrier will despawn. There should be a device that will take or give items to players so use that and when that device runs and takes the 10k cash it will despawn the barrier. Remember to use wires, they make the functions happen. Let me know if this helps.


i tried that it didn’t work because instead of taking it gives instead

Make the amount negative

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Ok can you go to the wix site and post a code, i maybe able to make the device.

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can’t i just post it on here?

No its against the rules. But here is the WIX site link.

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oh well how do i get to it?

I gave you the link, but here; https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion

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Just replace he button with a vending machine and remove the button


Also this topic should be under the Help tag, not Devices.

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sorry i didn’t reply eariler i was gonna say i can’t go on it blocked

Its ok I made an alternate forum were you can off-topic chat and post codes, just click on you username and click on the link next to the globe icon.

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nvm i found it but it still blocked tho

Oh, well I am sorry but there is no other site besides Gimkit Fandom Wiki and the Gimkit Discord.

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wait i have an idea what about personal message?

Gimkit does not allow pm it doesn’t work on here.

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