I Need Freeze Tag Map Ideas

I Am Making A Freeze Tag Map, But I Don’t Know What To Build For The Map.

An abandoned spaceship map (in space)

I was thinking more of a snow-themed map.

oh, ok. How about a mountain base?

add ice towers that could be cool.


Make a frozen lake with a harbor

Maybe a melter powerup?

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a bunch of ice would work

Make maybe an abandoned military base in russia with a frozen lake

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I agree with a snow themed map but you could incorporate shattered spaceship wreckage

Hmmm… you could add a Christmas-themed map
Or a frozen fishing pond

Freeze tag! Nice! Kind of weird idea, but maybe when a player is frozen, if they answer a number of questions correctly in a row, they can choose to have a waypoint on them. This way, their teamates know where to go to unfreeze them. As for background, you could add different areas, like the Frozen Lake, Snowy Park, Snowed-Inn, and other things, with city, country, and everything in-between. Also, I highly suggest adding lore! They make a lot of play-action games funner! Maybe there is a secret to behold, a quest to take place, hidden characters, mysteries to solve, snowmans to make (maybe not), anything! Even the normal Gimkit games are full of lore (don’t worry I won’t spoil). Just make sure to have fun making this!


If you make lore make a secret boss that you can fight after you get a snowball launcher, read a secret computer log or book somewhere, then find a secret room that only opens after that (and only to that player) that makes it so that you get a weapon and fight the boss. If you defeat the boss, the player finds out (insert lore of your choice). Hey, wait a second, this is an actually good idea!


Fishing doc maybe with water around it?

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Add weapons, secret rooms and shops, loot crates, popup shop, and trading sentries. Oh yeah, don’t forget some nice good lore!