I need device help!

How do you make a device that can detect how many of a item/cash every player in the server has. Thanks for your help.

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IIM inventory manager or checker


Inventory item managers can keep track of how much of a material a certain player has.
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You need to use an inventory item tracker (IIM) and then make a relay to all players that adds that player’s property for the IIM to a global property for the total amount of items.

It looks like you already have your answer, but yes, you can use the item manager or checker. However, if you want a specific event to occur (for example end the game when a player has $100), I recommend using a checker device then wiring it to (in this example) the end game device (Check passes → end game). However, (I believe) this only runs checks at certain times throughout the game, so an item inventory manager might be better depending on what you want to do.
Anyway, I hope this helped! I might be wrong about the checker, so if I am (or you’re doing something different in your game), you can just disregard this comment. Good luck on your game!

repeater: run task → checker: check

nope… that can’t determine the exact amount unless you add tons of them

@chrysostom isn’t wrong. You cant exactly determine it. Unless you take 1 hour, set an IIM (inventory item manager) and do checkers MANUALLY literally for all of them.

Other then that. I don’t have a clue. I am not a gimkit experienced master but I am happy to help.

no thats not what I meant, I was saying that if you use checkers it takes a long time and is a waste of energy, instead you should just set up an IIM (which takes about a minute) and you get a property linked to it, where you can calculate how much anybody has of what

what is a property? I never used it.

it is a device that can track almost anything is gimkit

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oh thx i just never used it. ima work on a guide now