I need assistance

Alr so I’m making an escape game and I’m making it so when you enter the zone/door, it’ll count as +1 room escaped, so let me show you.

But when I check the leaderboard when I test it, it still says under Rooms Escaped “0”

Is the counter updating a property that shows on the leaderboard?
You could also just increase a property directly.

Here’s my property settings for my counter
(Update Property = Yes / Property To Update = STAGE#)
And here’s my leaderboard settings
(Score Type = Property / Score Property = STAGE# / Score Name = Escaped Rooms)

what are you trying to do? you didn’t really explain it

Let me test something rq, back in a sec.
Also, enable seeing the counter and see if the counter increases.

It says 1 on the counter, but it doesn’t show on the leaderboard, just tells me 0 on the board but 1 on the counter

oh that is pretty easy

  1. make the leaderboard track a property
  2. make a property device make sure it is the one tied to your leaderboard
  3. make the counter update the same property

What are the property settings?

Ummmmm, that’s not their issue. The issue is it’s not working for them…

I haven’t placed down a property device

Bruh you need to have a property device.

they said the issue was that they wanted the number on the counter to be on the leaderboard

It works now, thank you, you too @jjnitzan

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The issue is that they’re increasing a counter and updating a property, but it’s not showing up on the leaderboard. They need to have a property device though or else it’s not stored.

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