I need an idea for my new map (i have no ideas whatsoever)

I want to make a map with some kind of story

A story?

Well what are some of your likings?

You could do a camping story, base it off something from Roblox, they got decent stories, make your own, school. That’s for story game.

Story as in lore? Then maybe a Adventure game with lore.

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Like lore… what Txme_Lxss said? Or is it like a game that has to do with some type of story? ( Like it is made based on some sort of book. )

thats the thing i have no ideas. i came to the forum hoping someone would have one

For a game?

got it.

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oh yeah btw im already out of gimcoins so i need to wait till next wed. to publish it

i dont think im looking for something like that but like i said i want story games, those are just like repeat, repeat, repeat (aside from pokemon (i think) )

sry didnt open it all the way ima look through it

Define story games.

Like a game where there’s a story? And like some bad guy?

Maybe it can be based off space. Camping, school, I don’t know, I’m also bad at ideas lol.

Like… a story-mode game or something like that?

yeah something where there is like a bad guy you have to work up to…, or like different endings and stuff

maybe something like that too @leo_flowers

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Maybe call it, “The Office”

There are many things you can do, like if you work normally, the normal ending.

Do something bad, the fired ending. It could be that.

i tried to do something like that at one point but i eventually quit because

  1. i wasn’t that good with the design of the map
  2. im not good with ideas (why i came to the forum)
    so i dont really want to do something like that again

Although quitting may seem like the easy way out, it is important to remember that every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow and become stronger. We should never give up on ourselves because the best things in life often come after the toughest struggles. It is crucial to believe in ourselves and remember that we have the strength and resilience to overcome any obstacle. I believe in you and your ability to face any challenge that comes your way.

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So do you just want a game that just has a story line?


I gave up on my map cause of memory…

lol, can’t challenge the all powerful memory limit.

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hmm i think i have an idea its gonna be a free world where this bad guy kinda takes over the island your on and you have to take out his goons (some of them js bad npc’s and others bosses) and when you take out the bosses they drop an item you needed to craft the key to the palace that the bad guy lives in

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Sounds good. You should do it then!

ok ill hop on it and keep you updated on what i got going

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