I need an idea for my 5th summit in my don’t look down map!

Yo can someone in the forums give me an idea for my 5th summit please

we literally don’t have a single clue about what your map is about
we can’t read minds


can you write some useful info about your previous four summits??

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Title: don’t look down
There are 20-30 summits
4 before this are hoop land, robotic adventure, miner valley and gimkit kingdom
That’s basically what it’s about

I could send a video of what I have so far if you’d like

Opps I accidentally marked and unmarked a solution it will close soon

that’s kind of advertising.
20-30 summits isn’t possible with the current terrain limit unless you plan to have them be really short.
idea: the gimverse
travel through your universe and by the end of the summit you will have gone into a different one (could be a parallel universe or smth)

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Hmm that sounds actually good!

Snow land, fire land, furniture summit, carnival summer, scary summit, all of the holidays, out doors/plants summit, idk I’ll edit as I get ideas.

ok… summit 5?
Jumpscare Cave

just ton of jumpscares…



this isn’t a texting app. Please keep all of your information in one reply,

also, this is advertising.

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or you can make a gimkit version of the goiky universe :D :D :D
edit: @Blackjack i wish


that’s a fire idea though…

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no it is not…

in my opinion, it is not advertising because he just gave us a general idea of what his game was about so that we could help him come up with an idea to improve his game.

Advertising means promoting a product. Which he did not do…

yes it is…

Let’s stop it at that


Please don’t get to off topic…

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fair enough. Alright, stop replying and let them mark solution.

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Never mind I’ll think of one on my own.

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