I need a timer that makes you answer a question when time is up

i’m trying to make a survival game with hunger

1x lifecycle
2x trigger
1x counter
1x questoiner
1x end game
game started- trigger
triggered- trigger
triggered-incermet counter
target counter reached- open questioner
question answered incorectly- end game

@NavyCatZ I probly did it wrong but also if you see this nice new profile pic

or anyone please i dont want to give him a wrong answer

I believe you did it correctly.:tada: Don’t forget to mark a solution!

Don’t forget to mark a solution!

The end game and lifecycle can be switched out, but you got the general gist of the process!

Ahem… I believe that it should be
question answered correctly- reset counter.

Also, set closable by player to no.

gimme solution now! >:(

or i will call the forum police

Police here.

Please stop being rude.

@NavyCatZ, what color did you use for the moon on your pfp?

but i want it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’ll just mark this post as resolved.

The hexcode is #7ff4ef (this is a color not g@me code)

This forum isn’t about getting the most solutions.

but i want to prove to my friends that i am helpful:)

A long time ago solutions didn’t exist and there were still people who were known to be helpful.

without becoming regular

ok sorry