I need a thumbnail for my red vrs blue map

anyone know any amazing artists?

Hmm, I could name a few, I don’t know if they want to be pinged though,
@SAD , @Kat_aronii , @Morepeko8 maybe sorry if you didn’t want to be pinged.

@SAD I’m new so I cant reply but I don’t have any gims I want just any and I havnt posted it yet but its going to be red vs. blue, if you can add the logo fresh gims somewhere in there would be great but if you can’t I understand:) TYSM bro!!!

Like you know how that one hide and seek map had a logo on it and it said epic gims?
me and my friend wanted to make our own and wanted our own logo named “fresh gims” somewhere on map thumbnails don’t know if that helped

@SAD did that help?

if you can orange like the fruit orange but if it looks bad u can pick

nah that looks good I like it TYSM bro

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Welcome to the forums, @lando_1, I can try to make one, I’ll have it done by 4:00(EST). Do you want any gims in preticular, and what is the name of the map?

Okay, no problem!

Btw what is “logo fresh gim”?

why do artists have to be classified as “good”
we spend hours helping others and this is what people are like?

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yeah, thanks.

What color do you want the logo to be?


Ok, I finished,

Do you want me to change anything?

No problem.

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