I need... a thumbnail for my map

I don’t like asking for these because I can make one, but they always look funny…

anyway I need a thumbnail for my four seasons map…

I can make one for you! I’ll be right back!

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Its not at all bad.

I can make one for you… what would you like?
any specific details?

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Nothing really specific, just needs to have the four seasons on it and maybe a gim or two.

Ok, That seems pretty easy.
I can do that.

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  1. I need to know what the game is about

  2. What color do you want the gim to be/what gim?

1: the game is where you have to complete different tasks and different seasons and once you’re completed with all tasks the game ends. Tasks include collecting fish, making it through three mazes, collecting all the snow balls, collecting all seashells which… Won’t look like she sells in your inventory I guess… And then you put them all at a place at the end, and then The game ends…
2: Colour can be a natural blue or something.

Ok thank, but is there any “main tasks” for each season?

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The fishing is for the spring, the collecting snowballs for the winter, the sea shells is for the summer, and the Mazes are for autumn.

Is this good enough?

Make sure to credit me & @M13TheCreator

He made the gim.