I need a thumbnail for my gimkit creative mode

Hey guys,
I need a thumbnail for my Battle Royale map. The story is two organizations, Team Outer Space and Team Deep Sea, are fighting for control over the Ultra Vault, which has legendary weapons in it. Please include a lightning bolt as the most powerful item in the game, in my mode there is a secret way to get the lightning bolt, and, well, I won’t say what it can do.


Let me ping some artists. @I_Like_Props @Kat_aronii @VoidFluffy

and @x.mochi

Okay! I’ll work on one soon.

BTW @Greninjyman you can’t post your game links in the forums since that would be Advertising
Edit: it’s the blue text which is the link

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Pleas delete that link to your game. That is advertising, and is not allowed @Greninjyman


Okay thanks I was not sure if it was allowed

Thanks for the input, I deleted it

Your Welcome. Always happy to help

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I have been summoned
will work on it soon

@VoidFluffy and @I_Like_Props would it be helpful if I sent you some screenshots of some of the main parts of the map

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I’ve finished mine, just tell me what to edit : )

A few things, but don’t take it personally, this is great!
First, could you give some of the gims some weapons, specifically zappers, blasters, slingshots, or PMLs? Also, could you put it on a more horizontal view, so you can put details behind the gims? One last thing (If this is too much, please tell me), can you put a locked building in the center, behind the gims, with the door glowing, and put the lightning above that? Again, if this is too much, I completely understand. I’ll use this one for now

Sure! Let me work on it, I’ll have it sooner or later.

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Probably just the vault part, I’m not really sure how to create it…

can I help create a thumbnail
some other thumbnails I made in the past

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Sure! If you want to, go ahead!

hey are you still taking thumbnails?

Well since greninjyman posted sure go ahead, i think he’s alowing thumbnails. Also i like ur pfp

can I try to make one? I’m pretty good. I think.