I need a thumbnail for my Escape the Lab game

I want a thumbnail for my game, Escape the lab.
Gims: Echo Agents and Chompz Costume.
I want Chompz costume to be running toward the camera (looking scared) with Echo agents in the background (maybe 1 or 2) running toward him holding zappers
Background: Concrete hallway with a few Sci-fi Barriers lining the hall. I want the floor to be lab floor (White).

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I don’t need @M1dnight level stuff but I would happily accept it.

I got you, making one rn(it’s digital-sorry if you want drawn)

thanks! I don’t mind whether it’s hand drawn or digital as long as it looks nice.

Pretty simple, I was having trouble with the dimensions including the barriers, wait, hold up, lemme try something else

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Can you make the middle Gim Chompz Costume?

This is the best I can do with the barriers- sorry :frowning:

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oh yeah, i’ll do that rn



can you get rid of the barriers and make the hallway vertical?

what do you mean make the hallway vertical- like have it look like an endless hallway?

make it slanted like
/ \

alr I can try to make that…

this what you had in mind?

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make the wall in the back grey and it’s perfect!

This is literally like Canva ai image creator

what? no it is not? yes i’m using Canva but not one bit of it is ai!

I dont mean actual AI
There is an option in a Canva app that allows you to “Generate based off this image”

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the same grey as the concrete or a darker/lighter grey?