I need a thumbnail for Five nights at Alfredos

I need a thumbnail for “Five Nights At Alfredo’s” here are the restrictions

  • (don’t wanna be rude but) Not hand drawn
  • Uses “Detective Baka” for Alfredo
  • Uses “Stache” for Chikita
  • Uses “Pirate Buck” for Foxy
  • Uses “Chompz” for Bonnie, the Chompz with the purple gim inside
  • Must say game by J.A.I.C.F
  • Make sure to credit yourself
  • Gray wall background, with a stripe of black and white checker patterns across the wall.

Warning! I already have a thumbnail myself, but I need a backup one in case mine doesn’t work. If you see FNAA without the thumbnail I chose it’s because mine did work. Thank you!

This thumbnail is due tmr at 5pm

i can do it, but im gonna need more time, okay?
look in my bio for a link to all of my past work.
nvm, heres the link right here lol. click me!

Ok! Thank you very much

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do you want the background to be the same as the picture for your profile?

Yes! Exactly like that!

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Sorry if I didn’t explain that better

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@J.AI.C.F_Gimkit I can make one

Ok that would be great!

is it like FNAF? @J.AI.C.F_Gimkit

Yes, it is. And all the gimkit skins for the animatronics are in the description of the topic

ok I got it @J.AI.C.F_Gimkit


Screenshot 2024-06-04 5.36.21 PM

if you want more details just tell me

my creative name is notian

this is my other art thumbnails - Google Slides

That’s really good! I’ll see what @wait.what.626Youtube does and I’ll pick!

Do you know how long you will take to make the thumbnail? Sorry if I’m pressuring you too much.

maybe until tomorrow? sorry, I have a lot in my schedule rn.

Ok. I’m fine with that

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Can you do a skeatch

ok tell me when your done

What do you mean by that?