I need a thumbnail for a new game

Hey, @Kormorant here.

I just want a thumbnail for my game, PyxelBite Productions. No requirements except those words have to be in the thumbnail in big print!

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Screenshot 2024-06-11 8.57.46 AM
This Quagsire might have more to do with your project than anything, so I just put him here.


??? WT|=??? I did the wierd f on purpose

He said that the only requirement was

I can make one do you want another one?

I’m a he it’s fine
and yes @Ekhona30 that would be nice

use this website https://www.textstudio.com/logo/182/Theme#google_vignette
I use it for a lot of my presentations and art.
heck its my background on my profile

Here, I made on

  • Is my thumbnail good
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • It should be in the trash can
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Maybe use a different font?


he already used one
he used the website I found

i can show you recent

Thats a good thumbnail! As Kormorant said maybe change the font on the boxes and position them more on the side?
But other than that its good!

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@Komorant hey I can help


Wow! its fixed!

@Komorant Turned into @Kormorant

Here is one:

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Welcome @HesHim to the forums make sure you read the guidelines

I can help @Kormorant

one issue with that
it’s pyxelbite not pixelbyte

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