I need a thumbnail for a humans vs. zombies game

Makes a thumbnail showing normal gims and zombie-looking gims, and a cool-looking background.


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i can try to make one soon

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what do you want the zombie gims to look like?

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I’m not trying to answer for him but my suggestion is ozi.

yea thats what i was thinking

i dont know what normal gims to use

@OOF what gims do you want


Yeah like that kind of, just the total needs to be more visible

can I try?

sure more people the better

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im almost done with mine


this ok?? @OOF
iiiiii (sry needed more characters)

Its great thanks! (I finished the game today I was just waiting for the thumbnail)

no problemo!! @OOF

I can’t its not available as art (and I cant change since its been 24 hours, thanks though)

wait wait i finished as well

sorry its slightly plain was running out of time


Hmm, two good ones im probably going to use this one (no offense @Beluga_Whale) because the zombies only have zappers.