I need a new thumbnail for soccer+ because the last thumbnail had stolen artwork

i need a new thumbnail because the person who made a thumbnail for me is using stolen artwork.

ok… I can help @LumpyDump

Can you give more details?

yeah… more details would help

thumbnail is unused, don’t use it on your posts

there is 2 teams team blueberry and team red pepper and gimberry is the scores they get.

what do you mean is unused?

We don’t use it.

ok i will make sure not to use it

I can’t help really, but what do you want on it, for other people?

Ok, I can make one, but it’ll take a few hours.

i think i want mostly is the

and sirath

So three on each team?

I could not get all of the characters requested (because I don’t have all of them. I took a sreenshot of them and edited it) but I think it still looks good:


dang thats really good

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quick question: what do you use for thumbnails?

Canva. It’s great :grin: You need to try it

I use Canva too, it is great. I have pro

Interesting, thanks for letting me know!

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thank you so much! im almost finished with the game

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