I need a new thumbnail for my v1.3 update to my dungeon crawler game

And I was just saying that it is going to be pointless to be on that guide one day, for you might not be able to edit it.

what do you think about the idea of in thumbnails if a gim is struck down they pixelate away?
the pixelating format looks better through powerpoint.


it’s a wiki
infinite edit time

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And I was also saying that one day people are going to forget about it, or not use it again. Because people might want there thumbnail done on their own time. Not for the people in the wiki, and might forget. It’s better to ask out loud.

It’s awesome! Thanks!

How about this? @Godspawnking

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OMG It’s awesome! Thank you!

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No problem…tell me if you need any help in the future!

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I will.

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can you tell that the archers got knocked out without me telling you? and that the sheild broke causing the knight to be overrun? or should i make it more obvious? and maybe less cluttered?

it’s fine. I think you’re being paranoid. Don’t stress about it! I like it, so there’s no need to feel unsure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does this work for you?

It’s great! I might have to tilt it sideways, unless you can make it wider instead of longer.

It’s a little late… That’s ok though.

Also, @Georgeholmes1 I already have a name for the game, and it’s already released. I just needed a new thumbnail for the update to it coming up. Hence, v1.3.

Okay thank you for the feedback