I need a new thumbnail for my v1.3 update to my dungeon crawler game

As you have read, my game is a dungeon crawler, and I was thinking while I’m waiting for Here_to_help to help me fix the save file issue, I can get this done. Now that that’s out of the way, Let’s talk about thumbnails. I want it to be medieval themed (obviously). I think what I’ll do is I’ll pick the best thumbnail out of the ones I get and use it. I’m not sure exactly how I want it, so I’ll just build off of what you give me. If you want to see what my game looks like, then the link is in my bio. Btw I was going to ask in Foxy’s topic, but it was closed due to flags.

SUGGESTION: :raised_hand:
Your thumbnail will be added to the Thumbnail tips and requests wiki topic.
Whoever is making the thumbnail can add it there. If you are satisfied, the maker can reply here and mark a solution to that.

Yeah, but it was closed due to flags. I was going to post there.

you can still edit the original post

It didn’t let me for some reason. I’m trust level 2, I just checked.

Like I was saying yesterday. What if they want the thumbnail done now? Because one day people will forget about that guide, and bumping it won’t be helpful because one day you will have to make a new one. it’s quite pointless.

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Thanks leo_flowers. Can anybody help me with this? @Legobuilder can you help me make my thumbnail? (For the details scroll up)

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umm let me see…

hmm i can try…either i can make it in powerpoint in digital applications but there is no certainty that it will be finished anytime soon. It would look very detailed…

Or i could do it in google slides and get it sooner as long as you provide me with images i ask for.

can somone get me a sirah(medival knight) gim running?
heres what i got so far from using google slides

I like it! Maybe make the castle a little bigger, but other than that, I love it!

okay…can you give me a running sirath (knight gim) image? and use the remove bg website.

Could you possibly make like a battleground, space themed? I’ll get you the knight gim.

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It’s blocked… You’ll have to ask somebody else. I’m sorry.

so modern or medevial or mixed?

Medevial. My game is centered around the lost realms. I just want a space background so it looks like you’re in a lost realms

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should there be any earheat(plane) gims?

and will there be any dragons? i could have gims battling dragon while gims also fight enemies.

rough draft…its not finished yet


jeez I was just saying you can still edit it