I need a mission list

I am making a map; as a side thing, I have many missions. Does anyone know how to make a list that will always be on the left side of my screen?

Overlay as a text.

but do u know how to add missions?

It’d involve true/false stuff and some properties/counters. Would you like to hear my idea?

Yeah sure Thank you!

So, if you want to manually get a mission, you can press a button.

When the button is pressed, make sure it activates a waypoint that says something to do with your quest (like “Get 50 dollars for a paintball gun”). Now, the next part really depends on your quest, so can you list an idea of one that you would like to make?

I have a thing where the player needs to “add coffee to a cup” by planting coffee beans, going to a vending machine then filling the cup.

also I don’t want waypoints I want it to be that they have to find evrything

Alright. Make it so that you can farm for coffee beans by using crafting tables and recipes, and then make a vending machine that players can buy from that transmit a signal that tells somewhere that the quest is done.

I already have that but what I want is a list on the side of my screen that has all of the missions that the player is in the middle of.

Use overlays in different spots

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