I need a gim to make custom drawn please vote

I need a gim for my thumbnail to custom make i cant choose which one, please help

  • Stache
  • Chomp
  • Sirath
  • Mineride
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I have already made Blueprint


well, what’s the game about?

Its a super smash game im going to use all the gims but im going to custom draw one of them

sirath and link from zelda


I might do link but i want to stick with real gims right now

Did you draw all that? If so it looks amazing @GimNo0b!

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Thank you it to 45 minutes

@WolfTechnology How is this for the Sirath
Screenshot 2024-04-05 9.28.02 AM

good, looks identical.


Im going to make a sirath in link colors next

oh, nice!

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I am excited to see the recolor, It will look good given your previous art on this post!

why don’t you make his weapon the hammer instead of the portal?

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Good idea im going to do that after the recolored sirath

Here it is @WolfTechnology i used the link on the right to color match

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How is my color matching i have been working on it?

To me, it looks amazing!

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would you be able to make some for me?

wait so you need us to draw it or what?

lol it looks like u got the photo and colored over it! AMAZING!!!

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