I need a better thumbnail for my first map

It will be my last edit for the map and I never got a good one for it so I would like to have a better thumbnail from the people of the forums. There should be the Green Split, Sketch, and Sketch graph paper gims and 6 sentry bots, the gadgets used are zappers, blasters, and quantum portals, they should be in a place with rusted crashed planes and boats not on a beach there should also be little bit of snow on the ground here and there. Lastly, I would like it to be hand-drawn, sorry if it’s too many details.

I will try my best!


I hate loosing friends over the summer!!:-1:t3:

In order for me to complete this:
Need the skins, and weapons…
Oh! I’m good at hand drawing!
I didn’t read every bit of detail.

Can you wait until Friday at 12:00 Central time to get it?

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Yes I just need it done before next school year

Ok, sounds good!
I will get started ASAP

Does it have to be Digital, or Realistic?

just not pixels if thats ok


I can make a thumbnail!

Thanks, that helps a lot!

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