I need 1 person to play test my creative map please

I just need one its a solo game

Do not post codes here, Post them in the wix.

I’d be glad to test just don’t put the code in here.


Im on a school computer so its blocked

Or the padlet

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nvr mind class is bout to start so i’ll come back later thank you

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Umm can’t you test it yourself? Or do you need a rating?

I’ve tested it myself thought it was good but don’t know what other people think

So this isn’t a place to find playtesters, sorry. Maybe ask your friends to playtest?


I have no friends :slight_smile:

Umm…well unfortunately you still can’t playtest it on here. Like others said you can still try using padlets if the wixsite is blocked for you.



i suppose you could send some screenshots/tell us what you’d like to get judged?
and you could let us suggest some things to add/things you could change.

Gmail’s blocked too unless its to or from my theachers

Create a new email account that you only use for Gimkit.

school computer can only have the school email on it

@jelloboss this is unfortunate but there is nothing we can do

that’s ok thx for trying to help :slight_smile:

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also I hope that’s not your actual name in your bio

umm could be can I change it

yes it’s an option to leave that blank you know or just put whatever