I Made something and got 9 memory percent!

So yeah i worked on something like bedwars but then got drum roll please…
it made no sense i thought it was on 0 percent.
Thats it.

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Maybe you just used more memory than you thought? Did you use a tag zone device?

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nope i tried it then got put to 7 percent!

Can you show a picture of everything in your map, also welcome to the forums!

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Did you mabye mess up somthing?

dont know if i messed it up tho :slightly_frowning_face:

Most likely you placed a memory intensive device(s) and didn’t notice the memory bar go up. When did you notice its increase?

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Welcome to the forum, @Bolt7289 !

Welcome to the forum @Bolt7289 !

And it’s not nine its seven to be sure.

Welcome to the forum, @Bolt7289! I hope you like it here!

You have your real name in your screenshot. I suggest you edit that out, for privacy purposes.

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What do you have on your map? There is no single device that takes up 2000 memory, let alone 7000.

I don’t think it does.
It might be 350, I’ll check.

Nvm it’s 1500 I looked at TUG for devices

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