I made a new mode, any feedback?

I recently made the “Vault of Glass” raid from destiny 2. It requires 3-4 players max. Some mechanics I have changed because of it being impossible to make, but overall it is pretty similar. Here are some images of the mode, and I will explain the mechanics below.

First is the Black Garden, where you have to stand on plates for thirty seconds each to open a portal into the Vault of Glass. However, when you stand on a plate, it will summon/activate sentries around you. Once you stand on each of the 3 plates, it will activate a waypoint and allow you entry into the vault of glass.

As soon as you enter the Vault of Glass, you encounter the templar. I changed the mechanics using the crafting recipes. Basically, standing on the plates around the room will give you items, which allow you to craft shield destroyers. After you make three of these you can defeat the boss.

After that is the oracle phase. Oracles will randomly spawn around the map, and if you dont destroy them fast enough, everyone dies.

Finally, the boss. You have to go the past and future to unlock recipes for destroying shields of the boss. The amount of phases it takes depends on how much dps you do perphase.

You can complete this raid solo, is there Anything else i should add

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I feel like you should be asking specific questions for us that you need help with, not the entire game…

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Yeh So true XD They just gave us like the whole description of everything

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please don’t ever assume someone’s gender pronouns

It seems perfect XD You have gave a great description and game

not to me, but it can be to many people
now let’s stop talking about this.

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