I made a game with sentries but when I test the game, I can see all but 2 of my sentries

How can I fix my sentries.

Try reloading your game or try waiting a few hours or contact Gimkit or make your sentries further apart.

Please move this to Bugs.

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How do I contact Gimkit it still isn’t working.

Email them hello@gimkit.com

Got it wrong, here (you put the @ in the wrong spot)



where does the @ go?

Between the “hello” and “gimkit”

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That’s what I did!

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Gimsolver, you edited yours.


Don’t start a fight- they may be joking.

Very true! I don’t like fighting though.

I know you already marked a solution, but this often happens (at least, it did in my testing) when you have a lot of sentries stacked on top of each other, or at least all within the rendering zone.

It’s definitely a bug though.


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