I made a annoyingly hard Higgins boat and I ask could someone make a WW2 wiki?

It would make a fun wiki for WW2 lovers

Could a regular please make one I need somewhere to put this on this forum

I can’t help you as i’m not a regular yet, so I can’t make a wiki

those sentries are a lot of memory…

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I could make it for you… is it for WWII art or a game?

Just saying that it’s not a good idea and it might get flagged.

is that from the publishing rules? because if it is i am pretty sure they could still make it for themselves and not publish it.

Yeah that’s for publishing. It’s fine to not share it.

Dude… it’s a boat that shoots you. Not really any more inappropriate than a zapper.

I can make it if you want.

The boat is fine. Its the OTHER stuff we should draw the line at.

We literally have a guide for making the twin towers and a plane :skull:


I don’t make the rules, I just follow them lol.

:skull: :skull: :skull:

Why so sore I aint telling the details of what happened after you left the higgins

No it is not its a boat not a warship it was only used to carry not shoot

I’ll make the wiki.

Jeez that is messed up

I just don’t want a creation getting taken down for the wrong reasons.

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Do you see any guns on the boat

If it’s not allowed in your school, it’s not allowed here

Just saying… we learn about WWII in school