I lost all my levels in gimkit. Why did this happen and is there a way to restore it?

Yes it has been solved. They just didn’t mark a solution. A good rule of thumb is you shouldn’t reply to any help topics a week or two old/non-active if it has already been solved (with or without a solution marked)

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That’s what I mean, they didn’t mark a solution.

Well yes they didn’t but you should reply. It just brings up worthless topics. Trust me you’ll survive if there is no solution marked and the topic is old.

And just go up and read some of the replies. It has been solved.


If you say so :))))))

I was just letting wolfy know that I’m not coolcaden26

Could’ve done that earlier, couldn’t you?

If everything has been solved can you mark a solution @WOLFY? That way this will get closed.

At some point. I sense a buncha replies incoming.

Please stop replying. One user necroposts without knowing, and other person lets them know about it. End of summary. There’s nothing more to add.

Good morning forumers, this looks like a good post place to post this since I don’t feel like making a new topic just for this.

Gimkit Awards nomination voting ends in about 3 hours, if you haven’t voted, go do that now!

Also, don’t reply, thanks.

@FersionSpeedy The additional spam made by this post is much less than the spam created by an entire topic. This is already an off topic solved post or whatever, so I figured I may as well post here.


It says you lost all of your levels, explain please.

It’s different if it’s an unintentional necropost. Today I responded to a topic, then realized 5 minutes later that the last reply was a year ago.

Do you realize you just necroposted by replying to this topic.

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To check your career level, on the publish menu, it will tell you if you have passed the 50 level requirement.

Now I do. I think after accidentally necroposting on a year-old topic, my necroposting time-scale was thrown off.